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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Night Called

The Night Called

And he obeyed.
The silken night
Subsumed him into shadows,
Blotted hue and shade into greyness,
Smudging outlines
Into nothing more
Than eyes and darkness
On paws
As soundless as the fog.

The night exhaled
A sweet, soft sigh
And watched him
With a single pearly eye.
He was
A moment's silhouette
Atop a fence,
An eye-blink's worth
Of chiaroscuro,
Not quite glimpsed
Then gone.

He insinuates himself
Through charcoal dusted grass,
Freezes motionless in midstep
Whiskers quivering,
Subsides into a crouch.
And in a heartbeat,
One less mouse.

poem © 2013 The Owl Underground

They Call the Bees Melissa

They Call The Bees Melissa

The thing about
The busy bees
Is all the bees
That are busy
Are she’s.
There’s only he’s
When they’re
Moving house.
But other than that,
There ain’t no he’s
Among the bees
To put up with
and please,
Just lots and lots
Of busy she’s,
Which proves
That bees
Is smarter
Than we’s.

Poem © 2013 The Owl Underground