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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Solitude á Deux

Solitude á Deux

Now that would be a nice marriage.
A solar system of two planets,
Both orbiting the same star,                             
Yet each a world unto itself.
It would, of course,
Necessitate development
Of interplanetary travel,
But, oh, how nice
For each to know
There was another world nearby
Full of untold wonders,
That traveling there
Was easy and convenient,
And that the natives were friendly.

Poem ©2014 The Owl Underground
Artwork ©2013 Michal Karcz

Friday, July 25, 2014

Love and War

Love and War

Swirl, loop and twine.
Two males dogfighting
Over honeysuckles
And blood red climbing roses
Chase each other in the sunlight
Like tiny wood and canvas biplanes
Skirmish over irises and jasmine.

Who would have ever thought that butterflies
Built of milk glass, gossamer and cobwebs,
Could fight with such ferocity? 
Two kite-like adversaries
Endlessly pursuing
Their affaires d'honneur
Through Roses and
Til one