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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Aoide Crowned with Roses Sang


I dreamed that you were Greek
In a kylix.
Clean limbed and beardless,
With terra cotta skin,
Dark, sea-seeing eyes,
And dark hair
Falling to your waist
In raven corkscrews.

And would I watch for days
Upon some rocky promontory,
Wind ruffled
In my yellow chiton,
Skrying the line
Between sky and sea,
For you to wade ashore,
Sandaled and sun-bronzed,
Onto the white sand beach?

And would your dark eyes
Rifle through the rocks
With longing?
And would your heart
Surge forth like breakers
And your wave wet feet
Take wing
To see a yellow chiton
Scrambling down the rocky path
To the beach below?

Poem © 2012 The Owl Underground

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